CURO Financial Technologies Corp

CURO Offers Short-Term Loans to People from Underserved Communities

curo officeA short-term loan provider based in Wichita, Kansas, CURO Financial Technologies Corp offers a variety of financing solutions to underbanked individuals. Established in 1997 by three childhood friends, the company identified a growing need for short-term loans and set out to provide convenient financing. During its early years of operation, CURO opened several locations in the United States, eventually expanding its offerings to include online loans and financial services. CURO currently provides financing solutions for clients in the US, United Kingdom, and Canada, operating in over 400 international locations under brands including Speedy Cash, Rapid Cash and Cash Money.

CURO Financial Technologies Corp places a priority on treating customers with honesty, respect, and humility. Acknowledging that customers represent the foundation of the company’s success, CURO ensures that all customer-facing employees convey this appreciation. At the corporate level, CURO values the input of its employees and encourages full participation in the decision-making process. Due to its fully integrated technology platform, the company enjoys end-to-end ownership of its loan and financial transactions.

curo officeCURO Financial Technologies Corp is led by President and Chief Executive Officer Don Gayhardt, a 25-year veteran of the short-term credit industry. Gayhardt spent 18 years at the helm of DFC Global, where he added over 700 stores in the UK and Canada and spearheaded a number of major acquisitions and complex financial transactions. Don Gayhardt currently oversees over 5,000 employees at CURO Financial Technologies Corp, where he promotes a collegial culture of open communication and healthy work-life balance.

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