These Are the Best Cities to Live in if You Want a Job in Fintech

These Are the Best Cities to Live in if You Want a Job in Fintech

Fintech has provided many job opportunities for ambitious people eager to participate in the technological revolution. However, you don’t need to be a developer or banker to contribute to this growing industry. There are many roles to fill at fintech companies both big and small.

However, if you want to join in on the fintech boom, it’s still helpful to live in an area where fintech is thriving. This is particularly crucial if you plan on starting your own company. While it is possible to succeed in this field from any place in the world (a major fintech trend involves the development of new startups in previously unbanked and underbanked areas), it’s certainly easier to live and work in a region where you’ll have access to valuable resources.

The following are some of the best cities in the United States for fintech entrepreneurs, as well as for anyone simply looking for a job in the field. Although you should always evaluate all practical factors before moving, relocating to one of these fintech hubs may be the right step for you.

New York

New York City is uniquely tailored to the needs of fintech companies. It’s one of the United States major tech hubs in general, after all.

It’s also surrounded by some of the most iconic financial institutions in the world. This can be helpful for anyone whose goal is to collaborate with a bank.

New York

Fintech startups don’t need to treat existing financial institutions as the competition. After all, established banks have experience handling the various complex regulations that apply to anyone working in the financial services industry. Partnering with one makes it easier for fintech companies to bring their products to customers. Work in New York City, and you’ll have access to both tech experts and financial insiders.

Silicon Valley

It seems as though no tech revolution can occur in the United States without Silicon Valley taking notice. If you’d prefer to live and work on the West Coast, you’ll be able to work among some of the top entrepreneurs in tech, boosting your odds of success. Even if you’re not looking to start your own company, you’ll likely find numerous job opportunities in the area.


The term fintech actually applies to a wide range of products, with payment services are being among the more popular and successful.

Do you have an idea for a new payment-based startup? Are you eager to work for an existing one? Either way, Atlanta is the place to be. This city is already home to several major payment companies in the fintech sector. It also benefits from the presence of technology accelerators who can help transform your idea into a reality. People often overlook Atlanta when listing tech hubs in the United States, but they shouldn’t, particularly if their area of focus is fintech.


Boston is another city that’s already provided many job opportunities for people working in the tech field. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Boston is growing into a strong fintech hub.


Boston’s proximity to major educational institutions such as Harvard and MIT is one factor contributing to its prominence in tech. Talented, intelligent students are always eager to look for careers in the area after graduating. Additionally, Boston remains close enough to New York to take advantage of major traditional financial institutions.

Those who’ve studied fintech investments report that Boston’s role in the industry continues to grow rapidly. Now is a smart time to make a move if you’re eager to get involved.


Many fintech entrepreneurs are young, forward-thinking people. They want to live in areas that appeal to young professionals.

That’s probably why Austin has attracted so many fintech startups. The Texas city is known for its rich culture. Hip young people from all over the country (and world) flock to it each year to enjoy the laid-back, enriching lifestyle it offers.

Austin also offers relatively diverse opportunities to anyone seeking a job in the fintech sector. Unlike Atlanta, which is an ideal destination for someone working in fintech payment solutions, the companies defining Austin’s fintech scene range from big data solutions providers (i.e., working with financial advisors to help them serve their customers better) to small business lending firms. That makes it a perfect city to live in if you have a general interest in fintech but aren’t committed to working for one specific type of company.  

Again, none of these points should trigger a move right away. Uprooting your life is a big decision. You need to do more research to ensure moving to a new city is the best step for your career goals at the moment. However, if your dream is start work for a fintech company (or start your own), these are great cities in which to do so.

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