This Is How Fintech Helps Small Businesses Succeed

This Is How Fintech Helps Small Businesses Succeed

Technology has made it easier than ever for people to start their own small businesses.Thanks to the Internet, it’s often possible to run a company from a small home office.

The rise of fintech has also helped would-be entrepreneurs realize their dreams.After all, running a business involves using numerous financial services every single day. Fintech products serve as convenient alternatives to those provided by traditional financial institutions.

To better understand why fintech is ideal for small business and micro-business owners, consider these essential points.


Entrepreneurs must often take out loans to grow their small businesses. Prior to the fintech revolution,this wasn’t always easy. Getting approved for a loan is not guaranteed, and the process of actually getting the money can be very lengthy.


That’s no longer the case. Fintech-based lending companies utilize technology that allows them to gather more information about a potential lendee than a traditional bank has access to. Armed with more information, fintech companies are better able to determine whether a potential lendee is a safe bet. As such, they’re more likely to approve loans for small business owners.

Additionally, fintech-based lenders often use technology to work much more efficiently than other institutions. This decreases barriers to proper funding that most small business owners experience.

Payment Options

Many fintech products allow users to send and receive money from anywhere in the world, giving business owners more options for invoicing clients and paying for needed supplies. Because there are so many products offering these features, owners can conduct some basic research and find out which ones best suit their needs.

Some small business owners rely on freelancers instead of full-time employees to finish key projects or tasks. This means they can find the ideal person for the job from anywhere in the globe. Maybe the perfect graphic designer is based in another country. Thanks to digital technology, it’s now possible to find and hire that person.

Fintech is helping by making it easier not only to send money to freelancers but to send it in the currency of their choice. An international freelancer is more likely to work for a business owner if they know they can choose their payment’s currency.

On top of all that, fintech products often allow users to accept payment from clients or customers in several different ways. Customers can transfer money via apps, over the phone, and even in-person with certain devices.

Tracking Expenses

You have to spend money to make money.  The problem is, if you don’t track your expenses, you could spend more money than you earn. That’s why it’s crucial for small business owners to maintain a budget.

This used to be a tedious process. While budgeting is necessary, it can also take up a lot of time. That means a business owner has less time to spend on tasks that actually bring in revenue.


Fortunately, many fintech products let users collect vast amounts of complicated financial data in centralized, easy-to-use hubs. This significantly reduces the amount of time and effort involved in tracking expenses and earnings. As a result, entrepreneurs can devote more attention to their work while managing to avoid overspending.

Some fintech products don’t even require manual data input. Business owners can simply scan receipts whenever they make a purchase for their business.

Renting Property

When a small business grows, the owner may need to rent office space to accommodate new employees. This is another part of running a business that becomes much easier with fintech.

Although many fintech services allow users to make general payments, some are designed specifically for renting property. As one would expect, these services give tenants multiple options for conveniently paying rent. Some fintech products also provide installment loans that help cover the cost of renting and moving into a new office. This is ideal for business owners who need more space but may not be able to justify the cost of renting it immediately. It’s just another way fintech is removing the barriers to small business success.

Managing money is a daily task for small business owners. They need to make payments,send invoices, track expenses, seek loans, and much more. Fintech makes these tasks easy. As new products emerge, it’s likely even more aspiring entrepreneurs will use them to achieve their goals.

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