What Young People Need to Know about Careers in Fintech

What Young People Need to Know about Careers in Fintech

The fintech revolution shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. On the contrary, more people are beginning to adopt fintech products.

This is important to keep in mind if you’re a young person thinking about your career options. Getting a job in the fintech industry is a smart idea for many reasons. The following are a few reasons why young people looking for potentially lucrative jobs should try to break into the industry.

They Know the Products

As is often the case with any new consumer technology, many of the earliest adopters of fintech products tend to be young people. Research actually indicates two out of every three millennials already use at least one fintech product to some degree.

There’s a good chance that you’re one of them. That means you’re probably already familiar with fintech. You know what makes a product appealing and valuable, as well as what will make it less likely to succeed. Possessing this kind of familiarity is key to working in the field. Your insights can help companies to develop stronger products.

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A Growing Industry

Fintech startups are thriving around the world. Thus, young people have many options when choosing among fintech companies. No matter where you would like to live, the odds are good that you will be able to find fintech job opportunities nearby.

The growth of fintech also means that jobs in this industry tend to be relatively secure. While there are no guarantees that a particular position will never be eliminated, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever struggle to find a fintech role to match your skills and experience.

Helping Others

As this blog has pointed out before, fintech products don’t simply add a degree of convenience to the lives of their users. There are many instances in which fintech can help unbanked and underbanked people gain access to financial services. As a result, fintech contributes to the growth of emerging markets. In addition, it empowers otherwise marginalized individuals to start their own businesses, save money, and participate in the economy.

That’s a very good reason to look for a job in this sector. Your work is going to be much more rewarding if it offers you a sense of meaning and purpose. While all jobs can be difficult sometimes, it’s easier to overcome obstacles when you realize that the work you are doing is important.

Inspiring Innovation

Fintech startups are dynamic. The people who start these companies realize that they need to constantly innovate in order to remain competitive. This can result in a work environment that inspires innovation and creativity.

Do you want a job that involves working with other talented and passionate people? Are you looking for a career in a field where innovation and creativity are rewarded? If so, a job in fintech may be for you.

Many Opportunities

You don’t necessarily need to be a STEM major in order to work in fintech. After all, these companies still need writers to create their website and blog content. They need creative people to develop their marketing campaigns. Moreover, they need enthusiastic people who can explain the benefits of their products.

In other words, no matter what skills and experience you have, there’s a good chance you could find a role in fintech that’s perfectly tailored to your background and interests. Don’t dismiss the idea of joining this industry simply because you don’t have a background in technology.

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Future Possibilities

If you work in the fintech sector, odds are good that you’ll be working at a relatively new company. That means you’ll potentially work directly with entrepreneurs whose enthusiasm can rub off on you.

This doesn’t simply promote a positive working environment. It could also inspire you to pursue your own entrepreneurial goals. Entering the fintech industry at the beginning could serve as a stepping-stone to create a business of your own someday. This is less likely to happen in older industries, where you may be so disconnected from a company’s owners that you never get the experience of seeing just how rewarding that starting a business can be.

Job Security

This point hammers home the idea that working in fintech is a smart move if job security is important to you. Quite simply, people are embracing fintech products with enthusiasm, which has led banks and other traditional financial institutions to search for new ways to stay competitive. As a result, they often establish their own fintech departments or coordinate with startups. Thus, even if a given fintech startup fails, having experience in this field will provide you with the opportunity to find a job at a more established company in the future.

Remember these points as you consider your initial career move. They represent a few of the ways in which fintech can provide a rewarding career experience to a talented young person. Instead of simply enjoying the fintech revolution, you can play a major part in it.

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